APPPHYS 77N: Functional Materials and Devices (Autumn)

One of the key components in the development of newer, better devices has been the development of new functional materials.  Materials with magnetic functionality have enabled a number of products that we take for granted in everyday life.  Besides the obvious examples of magnetic storage media and read heads, there are induction stoves, loudspeakers, transformers and, in some other parts of the world, levitating trains. In this seminar course, we will explore how magnetically functional materials are incorporated into devices through case studies. We will cover the fundamental magnetic concepts associated with each device and the specific materials that have enabled them.  We will also explore dielectric materials as well and their incorporation into devices ranging from quartz watches, spark generators to fuel cells.  The course will explore these materials and devices through case studies and hands-on sessions. Hands-on sessions include demonstrating phenomena, such as magnetic levitation,  and taking apart devices, such as piezoelectric buzzers and loudspeakers, to explore first hand how functional materials are incorporated. Recommended: high school physics course including electricity and magnetism. Preference to freshmen.

APPHYS 204: Quantum Materials (Winter)

The course is one of the introductory courses offered by Applied Physics aimed at giving our incoming students a practical introduction to topics of current interest. It introduces topics of current interest in materials physics, with an emphasis on quantum matter. Topics include superconductivity, magnetism, quantum phase transitions and topological phases of matter. We will cover these topics through discussion of canonical materials as well as experimental techniques. The course requires an elementary course in quantum mechanics and is accessible to and recommended for AP students from all backgrounds.

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